Utility Systems

Global Industrial Technologies-Utility Systems-in-DubaiProjection and construction of utility lines and systems are complex processes, which require a professional approach and cooperation of a number of engineering specialists. GIT delivers utility projection services, related to diversified functionality fields, such as electricity transmission lines, gas networks, heating systems, water supply facilities and canalization. More specifically, GIT services refer to interior and exterior utility facilities:

  • projection and construction of hardwire and over ground lines, as well as voltage transforming plants;
  • assistance with coordination and approval of a project at regional authorities;
  • engineering, construction and installation works at electricity supply objects;
  • planning of gas pipe-lines of different pressure;
  • installation of heating networks, boiler stations, fire rooms and heat supply stations;
  • water supply and sewage systems development.

Projection of communication lines begins with a detailed formation of a technical statement and identification of key functions for a future object. Installation works are performed according to the government requirements, industrial standards and budgetary plans. Cooperation with GIT allows to rationally use financial means and time, conduct construction works safely, receive qualitative and durable results. We believe that utility systems are the core of a future object, its functionality and productivity. Please contact us for a detailed project calculation.

Our service of construction supervision and expertise provides customers with a wide range of services. The Global Industrial" was responsible for carring out construction supervision on the different objects of Dubai.

From the above it is clear that technical control is the key to defect-free and high-quality construction.

He is one of the most important components of the process of construction of buildings and structures, so they should not be neglected.

The main objectives of the Global Industrial company are in the field of technical supervision (construction control)are:

  1. Providing the required quality of the performed construction and installation works, used construction materials , components, structures, and equipment, observance of design solutions;
  2. Providing a matching amount of construction approved in a prescribed manner to the project and compliance with contractual deadlines of construction;
  3. Ensuring compliance with the established procedure for the acceptance of certain types of work and completed construction projects.

Functions that are assigned to us in the implementation of technical supervision:

  1. Control of compliance of executed construction and erection works, applied designs, products, materials and supplied equipment with design solutions, requirements of construction norms and rules, standards, technical conditions and other normative documents;
  2. Timely action and control over elimination of revealed defects in the project documentation, its revision ( if necessary) and prevention of unreasonable increase of construction cost;