Technical Modernization

Global Industrial Technologies-Technical Modernization-in-DubaiTechnical modernization in terms of an industrial activity allows to advance an economical level of production, due to implementation of brand new technological solutions, automation of certain procedures and upgrade of particular facilities. Technical retooling implies substitution of outmoded equipment units with efficient models, keeping a regular production process. In some cases, partial reconstruction is required, conditioned by dimensions of new equipment. Technical modernization offers numerous opportunities for business development, due to a number of advantages:

  • production improvement, replacement of old and rundown technical solutions;
  • introduction of environmental friendly industrial principles;
  • development of production quality;
  • practice of energy saving modes at an enterprise;
  • efficient management of physical resources;
  • productivity gain;
  • creation of favorable labour conditions for employees;
  • opportunities for assortment expansion.


Projection of a technical modernization plan and its implementation includes a few stages:

  • development of a feasibility study;
  • compilation of a budgetary expenditure;
  • an engineering survey, directed at a ground specifics research, basement quality and environmental conditions;
  • formation of technical requirements, applied to a new equipage;
  • projection and construction paperwork, explanatory notes and drafting;
  • technical support during equipment purchase, transportation and installation.


One of the projection stages refers to examination execution of a prepared technical plan. GIT assumes responsibilities for presentation of a ready-made project to local authorities.

  • Together with the employees we produce a survey and assessment of construction companies, finished works and constructive elements, which subsequently will be hidden, and control compliance with the standards and requirements that prohibit further execution of works to design relevant instruments to survey this kind of work;
  • Performed acceptance of critical structures of objects as well as load-bearing structures of metal or concrete, etc., at intermediate stages of construction. To this end, we attend specialized and General Contracting (installation) company;
  • Depending on the data the volume and quality of completed and invoiced installation and construction works consistent with the accompanying working papers;
  • Control over the primary Executive technical documentation and the correctness of the form, check the matching estimates average rates in the construction market.