Engineering Design

Global Industrial Technologies-Engineering Design-in-DubaiOne of the fundamental sections of planning documentation, related to industrial preliminary development, is engineering solutions. They include comprehensive description of industrial technologies, a required qualitative level and production characteristics. Technical solutions are developed according to a number of key parameters, such as production efficiency, exploitation specifics of industrial facilities, professional and environmental safety.

The process of technical solutions development includes a number of sections:

  • an interior planning concept;
  • an explanatory note;
  • an equipment specification;
  • connection slots for a ventilation system;
  • an equipment layout plan, based on an industrial technology and convenience;
  • an engineering plan, related to electric service lines, canalization and a water supply system.


GIT delivers engineering design services in a report form, which includes detailed connection layouts, such as:

  • electric and other engineering systems take-over points;
  • structured equipment specifications;
  • engineering systems and processes description.

The technical engineering services are performed within different terms, depending on project complexity, work quantity and industrial specialization. Global Industrial technologies guarantee exceptional quality of engineering services, rational industrial solutions and convenient operation of a future object. Our professional portfolio includes diversified production facilities, plants and operative units, involved in different industries: food processing, storage compounds, heavy and consumer goods industries. Please contact us for a detailed project calculation.

In the provision of services of technical supervision we undertake the following commitments:

  • Ensure that all products and installation and construction works, used construction products, materials and supplied equipment responded as designed, proposed to them the building rules, regulations and quality standards, technical specifications and normative documents;
  • On time, take appropriate action and monitor the correction of detected deficiencies in the documentation of the current project, if necessary, provide revised and do not allow unjustified rise in the cost of construction;
  • Check the appropriate documentation (certificates, data sheets, information about laboratory tests, etc.) confirming the quality and reliability used in construction structures, products and materials;
  • Control during construction quality of geodetic works;
  • Conducting a survey of buildings and structures;