Global Industrial Technologies-Construction-in-DubaiGIT delivers services in the filed of construction projection, using metalwork and reinforced concrete, based on pre-engineered construction and planning solutions. GIT is also specialized in engineering projection and offers services of project planning, using metalwork or other materials, according to customer preferences.

Our priority in construction development is functionality and maximal commercial efficiency, input into a future building. The GIT construction experts rely on high technology solutions, which allow to provide exceptional durability and sustainability to commercial, residential and industrial buildings. We believe that custom-made construction design should emphasize a business concept and response to the key business requirements.

GIT guarantees that all services, described in an agreement, will be delivered punctually, in compliance with functional and safety construction standards. We approach compilation of engineering documents responsibly, as its accuracy is a foundation of a perfect building.

Construction documentation is developed according to government requirements, safety regulations, geographic specifics and industrial parameters. A graphic part of a construction project includes the following sections:

  • detailed drafting of connection points, related to water supply systems, electricity and canalization;
  • foundation projection;
  • plans, related to partitions, fences and framework;
  • cross-section drafting, related to a roof, floor, walls and ceiling, specifying volumetric measures.

The activity of the company involves providing a full range of construction services: – Technical inspection at construction, reconstruction of objects carried out by experienced engineers with extensive experience in the construction

This activity provides for customers a variety of services, including construction technical supervision and rehabilitation of buildings, which is carried out by engineers with a high professional level.
The Global Industrial Company addresses the following issues related to the field of technical supervision of construction and architectural construction supervision:

  • Ensuring desired level of quality of construction and Assembly operations used in the construction materials, components, designs and special equipment for safety, strict observance of all parts of the project;
  • Ensuring that the scale of construction adopted to implement the project and compliance with the contract terms of erection of object;
  • The maintenance of the established order as a specific acceptance of the completed works, and the finished buildings;
  • Implementation at all stages of construction of construction supervision and expertise.