Global Industrial Technologies Construction Company

Global Industrial Technologies-Construction Company-in-Dubai

Currently, there are many construction companies dealing with creating interesting projects. However, the finished real estate objects often only occupy large areas and delight us with their attractive appearance, but stand idle. Our company differs from other developers that the list of the solved tasks is the realization and operation of commercial real estate.

Young, rapidly growing company "Global Industrial" began its work on the construction market of Dubai in the middle 1990-s. We provide a wide range of services, from creating the project, further bringing it to life ending by implementing it on the market. Our reliable and experienced real estate managers build up attractive investment objects of great demand.

Implementation of commercial and residential real estate involves selling and renting apartments, houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, shops, warehouses, shopping centers and other facilities. Our company solves all these problems on its own that is very convenient for our customers.

The operation of commercial real estate, carried out by our company involves the provision of public services and Contracting with their suppliers (gas, electricity, supply of cold water, garbage disposal). Protection of commercial property makes the conditions of stay and work in him comfortable and safe. Our company also provides technical and emergency maintenance and current repairing.

GIT is the exclusive agent for ADNR Exploration in the Middle East region.

ADNR Exploration GmbH is a Swiss company based in Minusio, Switzerland.

What is ADNR technology?

ADNR is a technology that records and analyzes the low-frequency acoustic seismic for natural signals occurring in the ground. ADNR can be acquired as pre-seismic or post-seismic survey, and applies low-frequency seismic acoustic spectroscopy as stand-alone or complementary technology for hydrocarbon exploration and monitoring tools. It is clean and environmentally friendly, and it can be run under any conditions.

Data acquisition employs custom designed surface arrays of ultra high resolution broadband seismometers. Our in-house processing and evaluation technology results in direct detection and net-pay zone thickness estimation of hydrocarbons in the subsurface.

Why are conventional exploration tools not enough?

ADNR Exploration allows direct prediction of oil and gas in the subsurface. Conventional exploration tech-nologies (2D-3D seismic, gravity/magnetic surveys, surface geo-chemistry, remote sensing) lack this ca-pability and are often limited in difficult terrains, where they are expensive and time consuming. ADNR Exploration provides an independent and all-terrain tool that contributes to risk reduction whatever the ex-ploration setting, be it a frontier or mature venture.