Architectural Design

Global Industrial Technologies-Architectural Design-in-Dubai

Making out unique projects of private houses is our priority. We are responsible for full cycle of works: from conception to decoration works and landscaping. For the clients that order complex design or integrated construction solutions we provide additional discounts. We always try to ensure that our clients take an active part in working out the design and provide a detailed consulting to help them:

  • to understand all the pros and cons of modern materials;
  • choose environmentally friendly technologies to the specifics of your building;
  • to avoid possible errors associated with poor construction or even malicious components.

Residential interior

Interior designing is a complex set of technologies. Own European standards and technologies of designing residential interiors. Offer the best functional schemes. Accumulated a varied experience of operating living spaces – to live in our interiors just.

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The result of the work is a full set of documents required for approvals and construction. Each stage is a complete cycle. After finishing it we evaluate the result with the client and make necessary adjustments. At the preliminary stage (if needed) we can help to choose the room for futher redecorating. If thre is a necessity our specialists are ready to evaluate the capital condition of the property and engineering systems. Our designers and the end of the project will work out a functional scheme taking into account possible changes in the family lifestyle within 5-7 years.

Architectural and construction planning is a basic stage of project development, which identifies functional orientation and a design concept of a building. A result of architectural projection is a fundamental documentary package, a reference design. GIT is specialized in architectural design of administrative buildings, storage houses, shedders, industrial complexes and production units. Architectural documentation includes several sections:

  • designer perspective, concerning decorative execution of interior and exterior building parts, based on an integrated style concept;
  • functional layout, which identifies combination and arrangement of inner rooms, accommodations and premises, according to their purposes and sizes;
  • a volumetrically-dimensional part, which includes models of external forms and sizes of constructed premises;
  • an architectural plan describes general ergonomics of an object, including designer solutions;
  • a space planning section, related to rational usage of an object area;
  • a composition part, distributing allocation of major industrial equipment and facilities inside an object;
  • a construction works schedule and a budgeting expenditure.

Interior Designs for boats and yachts is always been a huge task. We are not only expert in residential interiors but also in adventurous commercial designing of fleets. We have proposed a an beautiful, impressive and artistic design for the Seven Yachts Formula 1 Abu Dhabi yacht party in order to give people an amazing experience of watching the race from above the sea in a luxury cruise. 

Architectural design by GIT is based on a comprehensive research of project specifics, its designer, technical and functional components. Our specialists develop architectural projects, introducing opportunities for expansion and development into industrial objects. Technical optimization and possible enterprise restructuration are taken into account as well. We use innovative construction tools and technologies in order to create durable and productive units.