Top Five Factors to Consider When Renting A Yacht

If you are considering getting yourself a luxury yacht for a getaway, a party or just for a cruise, you might want to rent a yacht here in Dubai. And that's becoming more accessible as time goes by. However, it is very important that you know what makes a yacht stand out from other water vehicles. You want the best for your money and we want to make sure you are getting it. So, here are five things to consider when you want to rent a yacht Dubai.

Spacious Cabins on Yacht

Spacious Cabins

Probably the most defining quality of a proper luxury yacht is the standard of the living areas. The rooms, the compartments, bathrooms and cleaning areas, beds and wardrobes. These are the very first things that you want to make sure to meet your taste regarding both aesthetics and sizing. You might have to sleep in these or have guests who will. You want to make sure you are getting the best of the best.

Identify the Capacity

These segments are where you want to host your parties. If you rent a luxury yacht in Dubai, there's a chance that you will take a few friends to have a good time. You can host whole beach parties, buffet shows, brunch or whatever you want to. Make sure you are getting a luxury yacht that has a nice spacious beach club.

Water Toys Availability

An experience your luxury yacht getaway has to provide is fun around and in the water. Water Toys bring that extra excitement to the entire experience on your luxury yacht and they must come as part of the rental package

In-Yacht Spa Setups

Nothing says luxury like a spa experience. Nothing at all. A full set up for total rejuvenation and relaxation as you lay down and get taken care of alongside your friends, family or guests will make sure you etch it in their memories for a long time.

Fully Stocked Bar

Fully Stocked Bar

Yacht nights give you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the sea breeze while you discuss the day or some business over great food and drinks. If your yacht comes with a bar, and an attending bartender, maybe even a chef, you might be on your way to a solidification of the entire experience.

We hope this guide helps you when you decide to source a yacht rental in Dubai.