Packaging of cargo to make it ready for shipment

When the extension of business outside Dubai comes to the mind if someone proper packaging of products becomes the matter of consideration. Products of all kinds need packaging before they are sent to the market and it is the same thing that represents the quality of the product. A product not packed properly would not have a sale that it deserves so in order to avoid that you would have to trust someone who actually is trustworthy and since years Triburg has proven itself to be trustworthy in this respect. Once you decide to give the matter of packaging of your products before export into our and you further don’t have to worry. But you can have full-time access to the progress of packaging of your products. How a product is packaged says a lot about the company and brand to which the product belongs and we are very careful about the image of about clients in the market. Triburg offers various packaging, repackaging and co-packaging services to our valued customers of Dubai. Following are some of the services regarding packaging that our company is willing to do.


Wrapping of all kinds either shrink wrapping or any other of all shapes and sizes are done by Triburg. In addition to this binding, bagging and bundling are all done by us. Promotional packaging is done to market your products. Some products have a chance of leakage and breakage like perfume or other cosmetics bottles so all of these are wrapped properly to avoid any kind of damage.



Insertions inside packages of all kinds are also done by us like casing and addition of catalogues. Leaflets containing all the information are also inserted by our skilled workers and there is no chance of mistake while packaging. After filling of packages, they are sealed properly which make the product ready for exportation.


Once the product is sealed properly certain labels about handling the products and containing all the instructions are attached to the packages. Batch codes are also printed on the packages and also the barcodes are printed on it and makes the products scan-able. Inkjet prints are printed on the cartons of products by our skilled workers.

Additions to garments and cosmetics

Price tags to garments and cosmetics perfumes are attached to them and in the case of cosmetics and perfumes are barcodes for scanning are also printed on bottles by us. Batch numbers are also printed on them and in addition to all this repair of any kind is also provided to them and stitching in the case of garments repair.

In addition of all above bubble wrapping o, breakable products are also done and any other services required ensuring the safety of products while shipping process is done well by Tilburg.