Why Your Business Needs to Shift to Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 allows users to back-up data efficiently, work on a document collaboratively, and safely secure meaningful information through a single cloud server. Office 365 business software can be accessed not just through your desktop or laptop; you can also access the cloud-based server even with your tablet or smartphone. The software also negates the need to worry about local servers in the area. Buy office 365 online in Dubai to find out why this is the best asset for your entrepreneurial ventures.

The Enterprise Social Network

The Enterprise Social Network known as Yammer was bought by Microsoft in 2012. Yammer helps businesses to interact with clients, share and work on files easily without downloading them, it also helps users to comment on their group’s activities. All of this can be utilized while avoiding lengthy chain emails and unnecessary app downloads.

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Server maintenance

Using Microsoft 365 provides you with an on-cloud IT technician whenever you require it. No need to spend money on external technicians or to upgrade your system manually to get rid of problems on your processing system. Microsoft 365 can detect and resolve possible threats on your cloud service and offer the same without offering any top-up fees.

Pay Only When Needed

Customers can make use of the services offered by Office 365 on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can buy the amount of storage you need as your business evolves and grows. This feature enables you to save money on unnecessary hard drives and allows you to store your data on the cloud server safely. Whenever you require additional One Drive storage space, you can buy more without any hassle.

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Single Window for All Your Apps

The Office 365 store enables you to choose and add apps required for your business. You can add the selected apps to your home screen for smooth and secure business operation. With the added benefit of the Microsoft Office suite that is also available, you can access documents and edit them while online.

Back-up solutions

To move your data from one location to another can be a draining process. Eliminate all the hassle by quickly migrating all your data to Microsoft 365. Even though Office 365 is routinely updated, it will not demand any effort from your side. Microsoft itself performs the upgrades, and when you need more storage space, there is no need to transfer your data from one hard drive to another.

The IT business has proven that you need to keep up with the technological pace. Find out why Microsoft 365 is your best bet in improving your IT-business.