Tires are to vehicles as legs are to humans

The roads of Dubai are not built for the smooth rides. There is a lot of sand and shattered the glass on the roads that will challenge your tires and test your patience. The roads are mainly the reason behind the wearing out of the tires. But some of the problems are also due to rash driving. 800 Flat are one of the roadside emergency mechanics.

The component of a tire are:

  • Tread
  • Tread lug
  • Tread void
  • Rain groove
  • Snipe
  • Wear bar
  • Bead
  • Sidewall
  • Shoulder
  • Ply


Components of Tires

The tread is the component of tires that come on directly contact with the road. The thread is mainly composed of rubber or rubber-like components. The thread is made so that it can bear the fraction provided by the road and do not wear out early. There are many designs and patterns of tread. There are voids, lugs, grooves and sips. The high-performance tires have smaller voids while the snow and mud tires have large voids.

Tread lug provides the surface that is necessary to produce traction. Rain grooves are made so they channel the water away. Wear bar is an indication of wearing out of the tire. Thread beads connect the rim to the wheel. They are made up of a combination of steel and rubber. The sidewall is the bridge between the tread and the bead. The plies are cords that are embedded in rubber to prevent the tires from stretching. Ply is one of the bases of categorization of tires.

Flat tire

A flat tire is the most common problem concerning the tires. Tires are usually made up of rubber and heat can wear the tires out. And the heat of Dubai is high so a flat tire is a major issue.

A flat tire is formed when the rim of the wheel to ride on the tread. In a lay man’s term, a flat tire is a deflated tire that can be due to the puncture done by nails or wood splinters on the road. The other causes are the destruction of the valve stem and excessive wear of tire tread. One can drive with a flat tire but it is not advised because it can further damage the whole vehicle and can cause an accident. There are also many others problems such as cupping and feathering.

The tires can come to an unexpected stop if a flat tire occurs. And living in a city that is well developed like Dubai can wear the tires out because the roads are not perfectly clean and there is a lot of abrasions provided to the tires. Most people drive recklessly and cause the wearing out. Most of the people do not know how to repair a flat tire and that is why the need a mechanic but when stranded in a place where there is no place or tire shop nearby, it becomes difficult. There are many tire shops that are just one call away from you.