Global Industrial Technologies's Partners

In order to expand its business and ensure that our company is able to fulfill and even exceed our customers needs, we always aim at making alliances with the leaders of industry. Below you can find a list of our major companies and its achievements:

Insulation Dubai Supplier

Syte GmbH
A Novartis spin-off company that offers products and services to control material flow in the process industry, clean air environment, and water treatment applications. Based in Switzerland, this company has been providing services that help us to meet environmental legislation

Magic Crystal GmbH
Construction business involves a wide range of tasks. Sometimes it is difficult to face them without a reliable partner so we are proud of our collaboration with Magic Crystal.
A Swiss-based company acting as a networking business to bring ideas, human power, finance, and markets together for successful operations and processes. For example, this company was responsible for hiring, managing, making documents and paying salary to all the employees involved in the construction of a new 5-star hotel based in one of the most widespread Dubai resort. MCIG is the market developer of all Askari Products® and patents.

Tandel Systems
Nowadays any business is impossible without an IT software that helps the company to economize time and money. Due to a project management system provided by Tandel system our company meets deadlines and our project managers can react to any quietly that may occur quiet fast.


The Golden Crescent Commercial Agencies, Ltd.
An Iraqi company specializing in procuring sole agencies and also conducting general trading. The company has offices all over the world so it is not a big deal for our company to find a place for building new objects for a reasonable price. When our company won tender on the construction of a big business center in the city center it was difficult for us to find a space. But with the help of our partner, we managed to fulfill the contract


Mesopotamia Engineering Consultancies, Ltd.
An Iraqi company that provides engineering consultancy services to a variety of industries. This company is a worldwide leader having offices all over the world so we are sure that our clients won`t have any problems with gas, electricity and other facilities and if any occur they will be solved as soon as possible.


Schaerer Iraq Medical Services, Ltd.
An Iraqi company is a team of experts in the healthcare industry. It provides a full range of services for the employees and helps the hiring process proving drug and alcohol addiction tests to our candidates on vacant positions. The background of our builders must be perfect as we are responsible to our clients that all obligations will be performed in time and services will be of appropriate quality.


Abdulrahman Alnuaimi Auditing of Accounts

Abdulrahman Alnuaimi Auditing of Accounts
One of the foremost name in the UAE providing numerous services in audit, assurance, internal audit, bookkeeping, and accounting. For more details kindly visit

Al Qertass General Contracting, Ltd.
The construction industry is complex and involves interaction with a great number of contractors and sub-contractors. Our partner helps us to lead all negotiations and help to lead other procedures connected with the realization of our projects.