Wooden Flooring – The Best Choice You Can Make

Curtains for kitchenThe most luxurious looking floors are mostly made of wood. If durability and long-lasting finish are what you need, then wooden flooring must be your choice. There is a wide range of colours, patterns, lengths, and styles to choose from. Hardwood floors mostly come in three varieties; strip, plank, and parquet. The most used materials include bamboo, oak, walnut, and maple. Dubai is a city where you can find many beautifully constructed homes, offices and buildings. Wooden flooring in Dubai has gained increased popularity in recent times. So if you live in this city of wonders, you do have many options to glam up your floors. Let’s have a look at different places at your home where you can opt for wooden flooring.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the best space to use wooden floors. Not only because they look really good, but also because they require very less maintenance. They only require sweeping or an occasional cleaning. Even if you spill something, it can wipe up easily without leaving any stains. Now you know why in olden times most homes had wooden floors in their kitchens.

The Living Room

Curtains for entrywayThe first impressions are definitely very important. That is why a wooden floor in the living room is a good idea. They also go really well with light coloured walls and create a luxurious ambience. So if you want to have a mélange of both traditional and modern feel in your home, you know what to choose.

The Entryway

Nothing is more inviting than a splendid entryway for your home. A nicely finished wooden floor will look really good for an entryway. Whitewashed or brush finished look gives a dreamy feel to the whole ambience. If your house has a beautiful garden around it or if it has a cottage type of look then a wooden entryway will surely add to its beauty and charm.

When installed, hardwood floors remain for decades. Very little maintenance is required for it. Even then, they do scratch and wear gradually, but it can be renovated with a simple refinish to get a whole new look again. If you love to bring on a rustic look for your décor, wooden flooring is surely what you should opt for. This type of flooring, when matched with complete white or light coloured walls, makes for an amazing look. Also, it can give you a feeling of being closer to nature.