Property Rules in Dubai

Rent apartaments DubaiDubai is full of serviced apartments which are rented for the long stay in the city either by the foreigners or those who don’t any personal property. These long stay serviced apartment Dubai are lavish, furnished and secure. But there are few things you should know before renting an apartment in Dubai for your long stay.

Nobody can practice a thing unless it is in the law in Dubai. There are certain strict laws about purchasing and renting a property. If you’re planning to stay here for a while, remember following things and better if you read them before approaching a broker.

Registered Brokers

Don’t fall for anybody who claims to be a broker until you see his broker ID card. All brokers need to be RERA-registered to practice their business in the city. If you don’t see a card, step back.

Sign Legal Contracts

Rent luxury apartamentDubai wants all contracts to be registered with Ejari to make it legal. Take your documents, go to a typing center, pay the deposits (a small amount of security fee), register your contract and receive the receipt as a proof. This is the cleanest way of renting long stay serviced apartments in Dubai.

Report if Landlord Increases Rent

Your landlord cannot just increase your rent by his own desire. If he does so, you can legally report this act according to the Decree (26) of 2013. However, there are certain situations when the landlord can actually increase the rent of your long stay serviced apartment in Dubai.

If your rent is generally 10% less than the average serviced apartment rent in the area, your rent cannot be increased. But if your rent is 11-12% less than the average rate of serviced apartment in the market, your landlord has all rights to increase your rent by 5% through legal ways. More of, your landlord is obliged to provide you with 90days notice before increasing your rent.

You can’t leave but Within 12 months

If your landlord wants to sell your long stay serviced apartment in Dubai, he will have to give you a 12-months written notice before asking you to leave the place. And if he just wants you to leave for someone else to move, still, he would have to give you a 12 months’ notice.