How to Hire a Car for the Cheapest Market Price

There are quite a few ways you can save money on the car rental. If you want a reasonable set of wheels but don't want to end up paying more than you have to, then you will have to follow the tricks of the trade. For the cheapest car rental, you need to hire the right sized car and leave out the extras offered by the car rental company.

Avoid the temptation to hire directly from the airport and shop around a few places before you make the final decision. Here are our top 5 tips on how to find a cheap car hire UAE Dubai:

Avoid Hiring at the Airport Car

Avoid hiring at the Airport

Renting a car at the airport is convenient but that convenience comes at a cost. Booking a rental at the airport means you will end up paying the airport surcharges or the concession fee. Search for a rental branch within the city and take a taxi or public transport to reach there. You are much more likely to get a cheaper deal at a location which is not near the airport.

Rent out an Economy Car

Economy cars are cheaper and more fuel efficient to run as compared to compact or intermediate cars. Economy cars are slightly smaller and have less legroom as compared to other cars but if it is just 2 adults using the car and if you don’t have a lot of luggage then it is going to be a decent money-saving option.

Leave out the extras

Don’t buy the insurance given by the car rental company. Check with your credit card company and with your existing policy provider if they provide you with an accompanying cover on a rental car. Leave out the offer of having a GPS navigator and use Google maps on the phone. For roadside assistance, again find out if your credit card or the existing Auto-Policy Company already covers you.

Fill Up the Fuel Tank

Shop around

Competition benefits the end customer. If you have the time, shop around a few places and compare their prices. Rates will vary both offline and online, so check at both places. Sometimes paying for the rental car in advance can be a cheaper option, so discuss it with the rental company.

Top-off the tank before you return the rental car

It is advisable to fill up the fuel tank before returning the rental. You may end up paying much more for the missing fuel if you fail to do so. The rental company can charge you a premium if the gauge is lower than the level when you took it away.